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Tress Elite Essential Scalp Therapy  is designed to combat common issues that plague the scalp and cause hair loss like shedding, breakage, inflammation, flaky scalp and alopecia.


TEST is packed with vitamin rich oils, fatty acids and proteins that promote balanced ph levels for a healthy scalp. Combats dry scalp, Increase blood circulation to feed hair follicles and promote growth while also providing cuticle protection to prevent breakage. 

TEST Essential Ingredients

Peppermint | Black Seed Oil  Mustard seed | Biotin | Basil  Argan | Aloe | Garlic Seed | Almond oil | Rosemary | Black Tea | Khas Khas (Usheera) | Champaca Seed | Champak  Methi | Marorphal | Valampiri  Idampuri | Pulankilangu | Chandramoolika | Ginkgo Biloba | Fenugreek


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